Here are some of the small things in life that I truly enjoy but might not express enough gratitude for:

  • The smell of roasted coffee beans.
  • The ozone smell before it rains.
  • The crinkle of a crisp paper bag.
  • The smell of new books, old books, and library books.
  • A perfectly crunchy and golden brown fried chicken nugget.
  • Drinks that are sweet, cold and bonus points if they’re gassy.
  • A cat when it’s curled into a little ball of fur and sleeping soundly.
  • Jumping into the sea.
  • How the sky looks just after sunrise. It’s bright and full of promise, with plenty of hours before dark.
  • When you talk to someone and you get a whiff of their minty-clean toothpaste-smelling breath and you can see their teeth are white and so clean. I really do appreciate good oral hygiene.
  • The feeling of lying down on crisp linen on your comfortable bed, the pillow soft and fluffy, and you are clean and dry and ready to sleep and it’s still early and you’ve had a good and productive day.
  • Getting ready to board a flight.
  • Reading a book and concluding happily that its as good as its cover.
  • You’re ready to pay for something when you get an unexpected discount.
  • Opening your mailbox to see a few letters and maybe a small parcel.
  • Arriving leisurely at the bus stop just a moment before the bus arrives.
  • All green lights as you drive.
  • Being able to go back to sleep.


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