It’s funny how we don’t fulfil our obligations towards God and then complain about things that are lacking in our lives.

The void fills itself when we fill our hearts with His remembrance, by using our bodies in obedience.


Easier said than done.


It’s important to cry sometimes.


Hey it’s not like you did a bad job, you’re just not good enough. Don’t take it personally though, I mean no offence. Now get out.


Sometimes we need to stop consuming and just make something. By the way babies definitely count but I’d move them far down the list for most people.


Everybody who’s anybody just wants to be misunderstood and lonely and different and Oh so angry all the time.


Most people don’t realize how pointless their existence is.


When I look at photos of Earth I get emotional. It’s our home, we live off it, and for awhile more at least there just isn’t anywhere else that we have. I feel like crying when I think how much we’ve misused and mistreated it. Little blue marble. I love you so much.


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