Monthly Archives: November 2019


Life is not guaranteed, but death is inevitable.


We are selective of what we do and what we do, we do well.


There is beauty in every facet of every moment.


If you’re alone, the ghost attacks you.

Bring a friend and the ghost will possess them.

Go in a group and the ghost will most likely possess one and try to split the group.



My eye was watery for no apparent reason. It wasn’t red, i kept wiping it, and still it teared. The Sheikh said i was dehydrated. So i drank and drank, and true enough, my eye stopped tearing.


On the one hand you have a child who is grown, but treated like that hasn’t happened. Which is weird, because that person has already achieved so much, faced death, and is responsible over the lives of their men.

On the other hand you have a parent, who probably due to circumstances, had to be tough and controlling. Loving, yes, very much so, but still hasn’t let go of the string of the kite.

The child is trying to prove that they have made it, the parent is trying to assert their authority, they end up at loggerheads over the smallest of things.

I don’t know whose ego is bigger, nor how they can step around this huge boulder that’s in the way of their family’s peace of mind.


To find your purpose and live a fulfilling life, you must put in work. REAL work. Reading about finding your purpose and writing endless reflections don’t cut it; what really pushes you forward is the work that is sometimes painful, uncomfortable, and can’t be done from your chair. Go out and do things.

I need to go out and do things.