Monthly Archives: December 2019


If it ever comes down to it, I will put my life on the line for my homeland.

Yes, I’ve heard people gripe and speak hateful words about some of our people who conduct themselves in a most unpleasant and irresponsible manner. There will always be such people everywhere.

But there are hundreds, no, thousands more whom are dear to me. My family, friends, neighbours, or even just a friendly face. These people are worth much more than the undesirable crowd.

So if I were to fight, I’d fight for them.



My strength was fading
As i lay on my bed

I closed my eyes
As they rolled back in my head

She thought me asleep
When in fact i was dead


Panic healing
Never felt so good to me


Hello, i want to talk to you
It is my hope that you want to talk, too



I stay up all night and then when i finally go to bed i don’t want to wake up.


Is a person’s love for you enough a reason for you to love them back?


For all the promise of adventure and strangeness, space turned out to be incredibly empty and boring.


I was happy and going somewhere, then i woke up and i have not stopped being miserable since.


They had a pipe connected to the lower end of their gullets, just before the stomach, to channel food out. That way they could eat and eat till they got bored, then close the diverging flap and eat to finally fill their stomachs.


I don’t know but i don’t care because i can’t feel.


So many of the funniest and cheery people turn out to be really sad inside. Maybe they do that for others in the hope that the next person would at least feel less of the pain they feel; or maybe someone else’s laughter is a short escape from the bleak landscape of their headspace.



People are amazing, wonderful creatures.

They can also be incredibly stupid, selfish and petty.



Home is in the hands of the one whom you’ve given your heart.