Life’s great
But I’d rather be dead


In the age of illuminated stupidity, fools abound who think themselves wise.


Gunpowder forgave as it destroyed. Smoke and flames bore witness to the cleansing. No one stepped out of the carnage; and thank God for that because surviving would have been a worse punishment.


I woke up crying, deeply missing my classmates from university. A message was already fully formed in my head, to send it to our group chat. I let it linger on my mind. I waited. And soon I wasn’t missing them so much, the tears had dried up, and the words were harder to type. But I was still empty, lonely and sad.


My dear, fair maiden
Whose beauty no words encompass

There is healing in your heart,
Beauty in your bones

…For that I shall rend your flesh and boil you into a soup.


I have forgiven you but my heart has not forgotten the pain.

Perhaps it was a sign but I know I chose not to see.


Sleep deprivation kills off many desires, sometimes even the drive to get more rest.


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