Life is just… Your brain’s response to pressure, light, electrical impulses, particles and itself.


When the extraterrestrials made contact, we were excited but apprehensive. 

When they arrived on our planet, we were too overwhelmed by the whole experience. They even came dressed in what seemed like exotic costumes, in colours we hadn’t seen and in shapes we couldn’t recreate.

Who would’ve guessed that that was their battle armour and weapon system?


The day I almost died was when I realised we aren’t truly alive. O death we met once but fleetingly, I cannot wait for your embrace.


There are no ghosts in the house. That was the guarantee and that’s what I wish to believe. Except I’m running out of logical explanations for all the crap that’s been happening and I’m this close to calling up my agent to give him an earful. Those damn ghosts don’t pay rent nor taxes so this property is definitely out of bounds. Our minister for paranormal activities didn’t do all that work for agents to be handing out guarantees willy nilly.



He wasn’t especially bright or outstanding, but he was very good at one thing: working smart. And by employing this gift of his to the greatest capacity possible, he outworked and outsmarted us in the long run. In a span of but five years he had scaled heights most of us were only beginning to consider. Looking back… maybe he was exceptional. I guess we never stood a chance anyway.


As we move forward with technology, the further back into our past we can reach. We will one day know more about civilizations that lived thousands of years before us, than their great grandchildren ever did.

The one thing we risk is losing information and lessons through redundancy. As our mediums of storage and communication advance, older tech gets phased out and more rapidly with time. The irony is sometimes even with our complicated gadgets we are unable to understand, let alone rebuild, the technologies developed by our forefathers whom arguably had very much less to work with.


Sometimes I feel like writing something wise and I sit and think and think but nothing comes out. Would you say that’s not a very wise use of time?


There’s an appeal about madness; people think it cool to think themselves crazy and boast such labels. But the truly mad think everyone else has lost it.



She sat by the window looking out at nothing, really. Her right index traced the edge of the windowsill as she searched for the words.

“I guess i’m not really that sad because… Because i never loved him. I just got used to having him around.”

She looked at me dead in the eye and i felt a sudden wave of nausea. I’m just like that. I stood up to leave, eager to find something else to occupy my mind. 
There’s no time in my mind, no space in my head for this. There’s no time in my mind, no space in my head for this. There’s no time in my mind, no space in my head for this. 

Every single time i tried to find something good about the father i never met, i was met with a crushing brick wall. I still couldn’t accept the fact that a part of me came from such a pale, uninteresting, utterly forgettable, totally unremarkable person. 

I was becoming him even before i knew who he was! I couldn’t become him! Never!!!


The smart people are thinking about thinking and how to live better whilst the rest of us eat, drink and be merry.


I’m tired in the morning

and sleepy in the night

i guess i’ll only come alive

on the day i die






Sometimes I’m not sure if everyone is wrong or is it just me. 


Have you ever seen an elephant dancing? Me neither, but I’ve seen your (insert person) jogging.


People are like food; some are nuts.


I’m not enjoying this now but strangely I’ll later enjoy having done it.


Pray for work and work for pay.


If I could turn back time I wouldn’t. If I made a time machine I’d travel back to when I completed the plans and burn all the documents. 


Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is the comforting knowledge that someday, death will take this all away. And so I do my best to spend my life preparing for my end.


Uhibbuki wo ai ni,

Itu aku janji

Therefore laa tahzan 

I’ll stop with such poetry


Passion is what got me started, duty kept me going, and now frustration is why I’ll stop.



They filled their bellies with sugar and chemicals because they could not afford real food. Some had the money but could not find real food; it seemed to make no difference. 

They hated every moment of work but instead of making it better they instead created things to look forward to. Each painful day was lived in anticipation of one sweet moment. The years flew by and they even said so with pride.

They would gather and all speak at once, no one really listening, nothing was understood. Later they would wonder why everyone didn’t receive the instructions. 

They spent good money on expensive clothes that seemed to lack in fabric whilst it hugged their bodies tight, leaving little to the imagination. It wasn’t even comfortable, yet they thought they looked good.

Health was substituted by health supplements and active wear. Service to others was replaced by coin donations. Love went away and in came electronic entertainment. Families became a collection of people who shared a dwelling space. Wisdom was lost for knowledge which was lost for information which was lost for gossip and hot air.

They were so proud of the world they had built. 

‘Look how far we’ve come,’ they said. ‘Look how much we have achieved, ‘ they said.

They were blind, and blind to their blindness. 



In a day you might poop once, maybe twice, but it ain’t good till the turd time.


When he walked into the gym we would quickly finish up and leave. His intention was to work out but it looked like he was punishing the weights and brutalizing them instead of someone he was mad with. We only dared stick around and eventually speak to him when we saw Blake peeking out of his bag once. Turns out he had more brains than muscle, which was really saying something. 


Time doesn’t feel like it’s flying because every day is excruciating, long and exhausting. Sometimes I look back and can’t believe so many things happened just yesterday. It’s a painful journey, but I’m deliberate about it and enjoying every moment of it.



The little devils they stirred in fright

Awakening from a sleepless night

They scrambled up and ran outside 

Entering homes within their sight.

There they whispered and they laughed 

And people listened while they knew not 

Darkness enveloped many a heart

But protection from evil, some did sought. 

From the skies a fierce power came

Booming and thundering as clouds made way 

The electric was swift and met its mark 

Tearing up their black, putrid flesh.

Once again did the foul things scramble 

To find a place safe from goodness 

They tumbled in one over another 

And made for all the darkest corners.

There they stayed and kept up their deeds

Till the sound of prayer pierced their ears

And though it be from but a neighbour 

The pain to them was real and near.

Alas this chaos was their existence

And truly evil knows no rest

Till the Day of Standing they will work

So till the Last Hour we must fight.



Never mind your wedding day; make your marriage life exceedingly special.


Son, I don’t see why you should be so caught up with being a leader. Listen here now boy, and remember my words: it takes a real man to lead, and it takes a real man to be lead.


You can buy your way to piety, intelligence or any of that sort of thing. But the world is full of such people and sadly our capitalist economy relies on them.


Wisdom tends to shy away from pen and paper.



We work too long,

At jobs we don’t like, 

Making more money than we deserve,

So we can buy things we don’t need,

Eat more than we should, 

Get good medication for sicknesses we could’ve avoided,

Retire when we’re too old,

Regret what we didn’t do,

Die before we’re ready