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Dear Doctor,

Help me, check my brain perhaps, it could be i am sick
It feels like something’s going on
But i just don’t know what it is

When the place is noisy, voices everywhere
Is everyone just talkative
Or is it in my head?

When people claim to say one thing, and actually mean the other,
Are they perhaps dishonest
Or it’s me distorting things?

All these people seem so strange, doing things i can’t explain
But then i stop to wonder,
Why aren’t i joining in?

It bugs me when for simple things, they give such complex names
It could be they’re just silly
Or i’m not smart like them

I thought i had me common sense, but slowly i do feel
That everyone’s in on something
And i’m the imbecile

You see, you see dear Doctor, my mind tells me i’m fine
But every day i question
These experiences of mine

Doctor, tell me what is wrong, i feel like such a misfit
Is everyone around me crazy,
Or could it just be me?