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He wasn’t especially bright or outstanding, but he was very good at one thing: working smart. And by employing this gift of his to the greatest capacity possible, he outworked and outsmarted us in the long run. In a span of but five years he had scaled heights most of us were only beginning to consider. Looking back… maybe he was exceptional. I guess we never stood a chance anyway.


As we move forward with technology, the further back into our past we can reach. We will one day know more about civilizations that lived thousands of years before us, than their great grandchildren ever did.

The one thing we risk is losing information and lessons through redundancy. As our mediums of storage and communication advance, older tech gets phased out and more rapidly with time. The irony is sometimes even with our complicated gadgets we are unable to understand, let alone rebuild, the technologies developed by our forefathers whom arguably had very much less to work with.


Sometimes I feel like writing something wise and I sit and think and think but nothing comes out. Would you say that’s not a very wise use of time?


There’s an appeal about madness; people think it cool to think themselves crazy and boast such labels. But the truly mad think everyone else has lost it.