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‘Come here, sit beside me,’

‘You know that won’t make a difference…’

*soothingly*‘I wanna take your pain away’

‘That’s such a corny line you know’


‘So that makes you lame.’

*coolly* ‘I don’t care, I’m sitting beside the prettiest girl in the world, nothing could be better.’

*cheekily* ‘You’re such a creep, you know that?’ (smiles)

‘Yep. And that’s why you like me’

‘I never said that’


‘No, cos I don’t like you.’ (leans in and cuddles in his arm)


As she lies there, she does not bother that his hand moves about a little. She does not hear the soft clink of metal. But she feels every inch of it when he finally pushes it through her lower back. The pain is a numbing shock, it robs her of the ability to scream. Then again and again, the blade slices its way to her insides, leaving her crumpled and shaking and bleeding, while he gets up.

…wipes the switchblade…

She’s gasping and tries to scream, her face a white mask of pure horror, she doesn’t know where to look, which gaping hole to cover.


So she is left there, to convulse, gasp, scream, and squirm in her own blood. Then she dies, and she is no longer a bit**. She is cured.