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I was seen doing something when someone approached.

“Why do you do that? It is very odd.”

“For such-and-such reasons.”

“Is that not taking it too far?”

“But so-and-so used to do it too.”

“But he was a saint!”

“Would it not then make sense to conclude that his actions amounted to that rank and not the other way around?”


He tried his hand at watercolors but found he was much better at painting with words.


My attention was broken by the arrival of a man dressed plainly who very shamelessly began walking through the seated crowd to reach the front of the gathering. My heart was filled with disgust. Who does he think he is? I thought to myself.

Just as we were nearing the end of the class, our teacher called on him, to my surprise, to read the closing supplication. I was shocked. Who was this man?

As the class ended we stood to kiss our teacher’s hand and to my shyness there he was beside my teacher. Everyone kissed his hand too.

When it came to my turn I didn’t know where to look as I kissed his hand when he suddenly pulled me into an embrace. He kissed my cheeks then said in my ear Sometimes the outside distracts us from the reality within.

He smiled and gave me a wink and I left dumbfounded, chastising myself.


The man who lived down the street was a saint of the highest order but few knew it thanks to his very low profile and normal behavior. I knew for a fact he would sometimes go without food and drink for weeks when his income was low and only enough for him to give charity. What we gave him he gave away also. Yet he was by no means frail or weak and that amazed me.

“In my studies now they claim we cannot go without food and water for a certain period, it is unhealthy and even fatal sometimes. I disagreed and they asked for evidence. Would you consider presenting yourself as a living specimen?”

“I would rather not actually.”

“But then you’d be able to know what’s special about your body too,” I offered.

He smiled warmly. “I know exactly what’s going on. It’s them who will be so puzzled that they will be distracted from turning towards Him, and I can’t be party to that.”