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Verily, the calamitous winds of a hurricane are oft essential to stir the basal ingredients for brilliance, which would otherwise lay resting, undisturbed, unfulfilled, in the depths of the human spirit.

It is the uncalm and pain that drives a stake through the heart of debilitating restfulness, thus forcing outward and away the poisons of untamperedness; gasping and in great shock, will the senses then flare and the cogs move. This wild ecstasy of intellectual and creative awareness may not be compensation for the quite non-disturbance thus lost, but it is certainly a step towards our proper usage of the Life that we are blest with.

This is not that which you can comment upon nor opine for it is the Truth. Anyone who boldly speaks out against it is deemed an enemy to the Program and death will descend swiftly upon his condemned being.

Excerpt from The Words of the King, date unknown.