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By some twist of fate, he’s seated opposite her, in a public place, and he cannot escape. She really wants to talk, has been trying to make this happen for so long, she won’t let the chance get away. He relents.

G: Just hear me out a bit.
B: …okay

G: I want you to be honest with your answers. Can you at least promise me that?
B: *sigh* Yes, alright

G: Do you think i’m pretty?
B: I… What-

G: Come on just be honest!
B: …Yes

G: Do you think I’m smart?
B: …Yes

G: Am I funny?
B: …Yes

G: Am I a good person?
B: From what I see, yes.

G: Is… is there something you find unpleasant about me?
B: …No

G: I don’t get it, then why won’t you like me?
B: I never said I didn’t like you.

G: No, you know what I mean. Why is it I can’t be your-
B: Because you’re not her.

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