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The little devils they stirred in fright

Awakening from a sleepless night

They scrambled up and ran outside 

Entering homes within their sight.

There they whispered and they laughed 

And people listened while they knew not 

Darkness enveloped many a heart

But protection from evil, some did sought. 

From the skies a fierce power came

Booming and thundering as clouds made way 

The electric was swift and met its mark 

Tearing up their black, putrid flesh.

Once again did the foul things scramble 

To find a place safe from goodness 

They tumbled in one over another 

And made for all the darkest corners.

There they stayed and kept up their deeds

Till the sound of prayer pierced their ears

And though it be from but a neighbour 

The pain to them was real and near.

Alas this chaos was their existence

And truly evil knows no rest

Till the Day of Standing they will work

So till the Last Hour we must fight.