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1: hey man how’re doing, we haven’t spoken in ages
2: yo!! I’m good man, how bout you?

1: I’m doing good man, thanks. Listen, you still live in the east right?
2: yeah same place, what’s up?

1: ah my workout buddies have got us a space somewhere there, and we’ve got enough cars to travel there once a week. I was thinking you could join us since it’s near your house and would be easier given your busy schedule
2: oh that strongman group you’re with? Haha thanks for the invite man, but I’m not at all strong!

1: no man that’s not the point. The point is having a good friend around, that’s all. I really miss the good old days back in school.
2: Aw man bro, that’s such a nice thing to say. Hey you know what, since you put it that way, I’ll make it happen. You’re right those were good days, so I guess now we’ve got better days ahead.

1: sweet!! Awesome man, I’m excited already. I’ll text you again with the address. We train Fridays 8pm.
2: right, yup, I still remember. Sure thing. I’ll bring my son down too if he’s free. Catch you soon buddy.

1: perfect! Alright you take care man.