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i tuck my daughter into bed, and am about to leave.

Daughter: Daddy?
Me: Yes, sweetie?

D: I miss Mommy…
M: (i go back to the bed and sit beside her, and hold her hand) I miss her too, sweetie

D: Does that make you… sad?
M: Well… before your Mommy went, she left me with a really precious gift.

D: She did? What did she give you?
M: (smiling) You. She gave me you.

D: Daddy…
M: Yes, honey?

D: I’m pretty sure you’re just reenacting some scene from a movie…
M: I… huh? What? Oh look at the time.

D: (giggling) You’re funny, Dad. Anyway, can you text Mommy again? Tell her I miss her.
M: Well sweetie… I really doubt they’ve got satellite reception there, Mommy said so herself. But okay, I will, just to make you happy.

D: Okay, thanks Daddy. And text Nanna too k?
M: Yes, yes I will. But hey, they’re flying back in less than a week, so that’s cool right?

D: Yeah I guess. It just seems so long!
M: Mmhmm, it does, do you know why?

D: Why?
M: Cos you spend too much time talking when you should be asleep! (goes in to tickle)

D: HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE okay okay! I’ll sleep.
M: That’s more like it. I’ll see you in the morning. Night, sweetie.

D: Night, Daddy.

And as I walk to my room, I think about what my little girl just said. How she boldly said she misses her Mommy when she’s only been gone a couple of days. My daughter isn’t a spoilt little brat, nor is she a sensitive little princess. She’s sensible and smart and mature. So why did she say that? Because she felt that. And I guess it took her saying that for me to admit that I missed my wife too. I didn’t wanna say it cos it sounded childish and weak but… it’s true. I’m a full grown adult but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel.

I miss my family when I’m  at work, I miss my parents already as I leave their house, I miss my hamsters when I go to bed. I miss them because I love them, and I am not shy to admit that.