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The room was completely sealed off and dark, and even after a half hour my eyes had trouble adjusting. The other men kept chanting loudly, and I would feel their swaying. The rustle of fabric as it brushed me at constant intervals, and the whole feel of movement. I wasn’t so loud anymore, as it finally struck me clearly what we were trying to do. 55 men around a corpse, invoking the devil himself to aid in our task. But what task? I felt stupid for not knowing, nor questioning when told to come along. Like some dumb dog I just followed their instructions.

Adrenaline, excitement, pulsing, I stopped chanting but tried to observe instead.
Smells. Sounds. The hot air and something else.

Then without warning, lightning flashed! But how?! There were no windows. Twice, thrice! Then I noticed that in the momentary brightness, the body had started to move. First its arm just flung itself aimlessly. Then the body squirmed. More violently! Until it finally jerked off the floor, flailing like a cloth fluttering in the wind. By now there was a faint bluish glow in the room, though it was still hard to see clearly. Then darkness again. Pitch black.

The corpse started moaning, in low, unearthly tones. I could hear its limbs flapping against the floor as it jerked and twisted. Then without warning…! A clammy hand grabbed my ankle and yanked hard! I yelped and fell awkwardly, struggling to get back to my feet. I screamed as the hands pulled me some more, and a shaking body collapsed on mine.